Farmer’s Information and Advice Center (FIAC)

Farmer’s Information and Advice Center (FIAC)In the Union Parishad (UP) offices two rooms are available for agricultural extension services. The rooms available in NATP-2 areas are equipped with necessary furniture and training aids through project support for providing advices and imparting training to farmers. These rooms are using as FIAC from where farmers are getting all sorts of extension supports. DAE extension staff at union level (SAAOs), as well as CEALs and LEAFs are housed within the improved facilities of the Farmer’s Information and Advice Centers (FIACs). Union Extension Facilitation Team (UEFT) members: SAAOs of DAE, Local Extension Agent for Fisheries (LEAF) of DOF and Community Extension Agents for Livestock (CEAL) of DLS are using the facility for providing continuous supports to farmers. These rooms will be used as a farmers’ training center, outdoor extension hospital and agricultural information resource center. NATP-2 supports the development of FIACs to operate as fully equipped agricultural technology and knowledge sharing centers. Such supports include providing extension workers (including LEAFs and CEALs), with a comprehensive “extension kit” (that includes small equipment to provide most-frequently demanded services, mobile tablet& bicycle to addresses connectivity and mobility constraints, and printed extension material). FIAC Services to Farmers

  1. Representatives of UEFT on a day-fixed routine (as per roaster) are available at FIAC to dispense advice to visiting farmers on availability and source of quality inputs like seeds, feeds, fertilizer, medicines etc. for crop, fisheries and livestock. The UEFT members advise solutions to problems of visiting farmers.
  2. FIAC are also a one-stop service center for periodic artificial insemination and vaccination of cattle, goats and poultry birds.
  3. Booklets, Leaflets, other printed materials prepared by UECC and line departments will be made available for visiting farmers.
  4. Knowledge sharing visits for CIGs to research station, private farms, agribusiness centers etc are also arranged by FIAC with assistance of UECC.

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