Field Activities

Several events of field days will be organized each year by PIUs on their respective demonstration activities as the tools for technology publicity and transfer to the end users. Generally, field days are organized on the harvesting days as the larger show for demonstrating the outputs of technology based production system. In addition, the CIG farmers, local non-CIG farmers participate in the event. A field day focuses on the cultivation system, management of inputs, process adopted during the production periods and finally systematic harvesting including post harvest management. The events are good sources of agricultural information dissemination, as organizers invite local elites, public representatives and guest speakers to talk on a range of topics. Following guidelines should be followed in organizing field days:

    • Field days will be organized on the basis of technology demonstrated at the upazilla level,
    • Preferably two to three field days in the phases of the demonstrations with participation of different stakeholders (CIG and non-CIG farmers) including departmental higher officials and local public representative will be organized,
    • During the field days the technologies demonstrated must be displayed and briefed to the participants in order to scaling-up technology,
    • Field days should have satisfactory level of participation of 80 to 100 farmers from the locality, etc.

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